Saturday, 16 March 2013

Feeling inspired after reading Lilla Rogers new book ' I just like making things' its fantastic!
 heres some cats and dogs iv been working on for girls and boys :-)


  1. Love this !! do you hand draw or do the lot digitally ? Im still struggling to find my 'style' or at least stay true to my way without doing what i think i should be lol ;)

  2. Thank you Jess, I'm still struggling with trying to find my own style so dont worry your not alone! Every time i think iv cracked it i lose it again :-( its a long journey but i think it will be worth it when we finally get there hey! just have to hang in there and keep trying :-)

    I usually work digitally, like this one was done completely on my tablet, but i do draw and scan things in aswell :-) I like doing both...depends on the style of the design :-)